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# 66 Just Holding it for Someone...
05-24-2011, 05:27 AM
Vice Admiral Oshin S'ree had grown into a calm and resolute figure over this last year. Being a Caitian he had for a long time been the pain the neck for all his former commanding officers. He "takes matters into his own hands, he is rash, prone to outbursts of temper and God forbid anyone who disagrees with him", the judgement came from his last Captain. The now missing Rear Admiral Wesley Dobbs. It was Wesley who brought Oshin into starfleet and it was he who became the only reliable Father figure to the young Caitian. In July of last year on a mission in Gamma Orionis Wesley Dobbs was abducted by a powerful unknown enemy. Those details of which were only released to him upon being promoted to Vice Admiral.

It was strange that Oshin would be having these thoughts again after so long yet, he knew there would be a reason for it

"Admiral" the voice was familiar of course to the solumn Admiral.

"I assumed, Commander, our relationship had hit the point were we can use each others names?" Oshin turned around and looked upon his long time first officer Jennifer Nushir. A smile had returned to his face. "Oshin, the other senior staff have expressed concern about their Captain"

"Wow. I've been demoted in less then a minute!" a short but reassuring laugh came from Oshins lips. Jennifer knew that a joke was his way of saying everything is alright, and the Nushir Symbiote itself within her body had several lifetimes of relationship experience to know how to read Oshin

"Youve been locked up in your quarters for almost two days, I just wondered if it had anything to do with me. Or our discussion..." Nushir turned away and look to the floor. She didnt want to reopen old wounds but she had to be sure he was fine

"Jennifer..." Oshin walked over, the pads from the bottoms of his feet made an unmistakable sound across the carpeting. The Human Helmsman, Kevin Barton remarked how it reminded him of something called fuzzy felts but the joke was lost on the Trill and the Caitian. "I dont want you to dwell on that night, I've forgotten about it. It just would not be right for us to pursue... relations. You have been my closest friend for the last fifteen years. You were right to turn me down"

"That wasnt what I said Oshin" Jennifer turns into him "I said I couldnt date my commanding officer"

"So transfer"

"You kidding! Miss out on all this... wheres the fun in that Fluffy?" Now Jennifer was the one making jokes. She knew Oshin hated that name, when they first met as Children on Jupiter Station Oshin was smaller then her. She said she always wanted a Cat called fluffy and the name stuck, much to Oshins disdain. Jennifer moved across the 'Captains Quarters' and looked curiously upon an old communicator. It was late 24th Century design clearly by the pattern of it but it had on odd black box attached to the back. A green faint glow pulsing from the centre

"What you have in your hands is... personal to me" Oshin wasnt even looking but his Feline instincts knew where she was in the room. He moved over to the couch and sat down. He punched some commands into the replicator and two glasses of Saurian Brandy materialized

"Today is the birthday of one Admiral Wesley Dobbs"

"He was your old tutor, right?" enquired Jennifer

"Yes. Well no. Well, more then that. He was the guy who brought me into Starfleet, he helped me access the databases at Memory Alpha when I was just a boy. He is the one who told me I am half Kzinti

"...Let me guess, that communicator is his?" Jennifer sipped her Brandy and she sat next to Oshin, her head resting on his shoulder

"His last orders were to assemble a Special Task Force, I was one of them. By the time we had all met up it was already too late, a Borg Cube had been following the Alexandria for days. It was just outside of her sensor range until it attacked. Im not sure about happenned next, all I remember is looking out of the viewscreen, my crew injured myself going into unconscioussness but I am sure I saw something else out there. Another ship attacking the Borg and the Alexandria"

"My god! What happenned to Dobbs?"

"When I next came round I was at Starbase 47. They told me the Alexandria had been destroyed after they lowered their own shields. I wa sconfused, I didnt know why they'd do that but they handed me that communicator. It had been partially assimilated and given directly to me"

"Why? I dont understand Oshin"

"Nor do I, but that faint green glow only occurrs on this day, his Birthday. I firmly believe that wherever Wes is he is trying to talk to me. I believe he modified that communicator deliberately and maybe he knew he was going to be abducted"

"Oshin, its very likely he died" Oshin stands and walks over to the console on his desk

"Computer, show file for Rear Admiral Wesley Dobbs. Security Clearance Alpha 459 red"

"Voice pattern recognised, pass code accepted"

Oshin sits on the desk next to the console and rotates the screen. Nushir stands and walks over and looks at the security file:

Rear Admiral Dobbs, Wesley J
Commanding Officer, U.S.S Alexandria
Status: M.I.A

"Starfleet are just holding out hope?"

"I dont think so, but then of course that suggests that this whole thing has been planned and someone within Starfleet knows whats going on. You asked if I was alright, Jennifer, I am not sad I am... distracted

Oshin purrs with satisfaction

"If anyone asks what that is, the only answer I can give them is I am Holding it for a friend"