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05-24-2011, 06:17 AM
I use a whiteboard to do all my planning and plotting and scheming.

While I'm essentially mind-mapping, a software tool never works quite as well for me. I like to add and erase bubbles. It feels a lot more natural when I plot out things by hand rather than by mouse/keyboard.

Once I have the basic plot I write out the story in prose form (although not quite as detailed as if it would be a real short-story).

Then I clean the whiteboard and start a new mind-map where I plan how the mission should be played, add maps and what I want the player to do on these maps. Also, I indicate NPCs and what they should be able to say.

Finally, I start creating the mission by finding appropriate pre-made maps that I can "dress" to suit my story. Then I add NPCs and start working on all triggers that are not related to mission objectives.

Finally, I begin working on mission objectives and NPC dialog. But I write dialog within the Foundry without the help of an outside tool (except a dictionary).

I usually write prose and scripts for stage plays. Writing for the Foundry is, however (and somewhat sadly), quite different and - to me - much more difficult.