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05-24-2011, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by USS_Enterprise_J
The answer was NO! There will be no retrofits of any lower tier vessels.
That cam from CBS and Wishstone. Sorry. WishStone Answered the Question then closed the thread.
Hope this can help.
What about making a larger vessel with the appearance of a T1 or T2 vessel?
If they were to use the look of the ship...or use that for inspiration, we could use that as a fair compromise between those that want a TOS /TOS Movie era Constitution, and those that say something that small should not be allowed in the game.

I say a design of a T1-T2 cruiser that is the size of...a T5 science ship, or about 1/2 the size of a T5 cruiser that draws inspiration from the T1-T2 ship and bill it as a VA/Fleet Admiral redesign of a lower ship would be something to do.... Imagine if you could having to go out and gather resources to craft portions of the ship, build it in the new would give purpose to the SB and would allow something for people to do, as well would have the arguement solved. No T1-T2 cruisers retrofitted to T5 but one that looks similar to a T1-T2 ship (a bit larger, longer, new portions of nacelles, hull plating, impulse manifolds, new portions of deflector, but the same aesthetic appeal as the old ship) being crafted by a person or a whole fleet.... Now that would be something I think we could agree on...right??????