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05-24-2011, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
You have a point...I think the problem would be the incessant complaints of people who would say that the ship is too old, too small or whatever to be considered a T5 ship.

This is why I was saying we could increase the size, add some modern pieces onto the ship, like a new deflector, change up the nacelles a bit, the pylons could be changed as well. We could have them elongate the saucer, and this would create a new ship based off of an earlier design...We could call it a Reconstructed Constitution or something like it. Have a fleet or a person use data resources to craft portions of it.... Have them use energy credits to purchase other portions, and construct it in a SB (this would be assuming we could do this in our upcoming SB). When it's done, the ship appears in your ship inventory, and it would be business as usual.
I see no problem with violates no IP that I know of, and it would give people who want the refit or a refit something in-game, since this would be an optional undertaking, those who do not like the idea do not have to participate in it. Have this Reconstructed Constitution use MOST of the elements of a T5 ship, some sort of VA powerup or ability but with the skin of a reconstructed constitution...It looks reminiscient of a T1-T2 ship, but is actually a 25th century ship constructed using parts of an older ship and new construction...

What do ye think?
So maybe a T5 Excaliber.

The problem with all the hemming and hawing is CBS still needs to approve all ship designs and I am sure they will smack down anything that circumvents their mandate of no T-5 constitution. As of right now it is pipe dream and I hope it stays that way. I took issue with the Excelsior at T-5, I took issue with the Vulcan monstrosity. There are bigger fish to fry in this game before they should worry about novelty ships.