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# 1 GUI Programmable Buttons
05-24-2011, 01:35 PM
Again, this is the second posting of this particular idea, and i am DETERMINED to see it get used. This idea has nothing to do with buying game controllers or hacks or tweaks or anything but in-game programmable buttons ONLY. With this idea implemented properly, there is no need for game controller macros because they are part of the game itself. That said...

First off, I would like to suggest player programmable buttons to ease gameplay. I can not count the number of times I have died or lost too much shields/hull strength or the equivalent on ground play because I had to search for a command. There is quite simply far too many game commands for ease of play in STO.
Back in 2001 Everquest had programmable buttons that eased gameplay by making the buttons so they were nameable and open text programmable.

The commands ended up being something like this : /feign death /backstab .

That is a simple example, however, what I suggest is programmable buttons where you can simply drag and drop different buttons into a blank button with the ability to name it.

for example :
Instead of clicking torpedo high yield and then pressing a torpedo attack you could press your button named assault and the button hits high yield then torpedo attack and if you have 2 torpedo launchers in front you can have them both programmed on the button rather than just use one launcher on high yield. (something I wish was easier in gameplay, the ability to do just that).

The buttons can be for any series of commands, and a small console with 8 buttons should be MORE than enough for tribble to test vs. gameplay. Lastly, the buttons should help improve PVP combat (something I myself do not like, but others do and I am fair in my suggestions)