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# 67 First impressions (Part one)
05-24-2011, 03:32 PM
“I don’t like her.”
“But you haven’t even talked to her.”
“She was a BORG DRONE! What’s to say she won’t turn on us when she gets near the collective? I hear most of what’s under that plastoid suit is still mechanical, what’s to say they got all the ‘bad stuff’ out?”
“Speaking of her body, if she was just the slightest shade of blue … and perhaps a bit balder …”

Robert punched his Bolian friend in the arm as they walked through the corridors of their newly assigned ship, the USS ‘Galloping Moose’. Here and there engineers were removing panels and doing some last minute modifications to the ship’s systems.

“Personally I prefer the Borg lady over our chief engineer. I was working on the EPS conduits the other day and he called me an ‘overgrown Smurf’. I don’t even know what that is”, Char exclaimed.
Robert shrugged his shoulders in a ‘why do you assume I know’-way and replied: “He’s Tellarite, they consider insults to be a form of flattery and argumentation a sport. He was probably congratulating you on your fine work.”
“Oooh, right, I forgot about that.”

They turned into a corridor and nearly collided with a Trill completely engrossed with reading a PADD, “Sorry ladies”, she said and continued walking, not bothering to lift her head.
“Wasn’t that our new science officer”, Robert asked his friend.
“I think so. Now Rob you’ve got to admit that SHE’S cute”, he added in a whisper.
“I’ve talked to her once and you can’t get a sensible word out of her. I’ve never met a more confused person.”
“You seem determined to ‘not-like’ every single one of our new officers. How about our tactical officer?”
“Yeah, I figured you’d have something to say about her”, he said with a chuckle, “she’s blue at least. But come on, she looks as if she’s perpetually angry. It’s unsettling, even for Andorians.”
“Our captain?”
Robert sighed, “I don’t know Char, he’s so ‘young’ and field commissioned to boot. I don’t think he has it in him. I don’t know if any of them do. Why didn’t he promote any officers from the Galileo?”
“Oh so that’s why you’re so cranky. You feel like you got passed over for promotion? Rob, Rob, Rob, … You’re so easily influenced by first impressions.” The Bolian waved his hand and motioned around. “Take this ship, ... ok maybe that's a bad example since it's a brand new Discovery class. Let me tell you those experimental engines they've put in her keep me up at night ... If you know what I mean.”
“You’re sick you know that …”
“And still you keep hanging out with me.”
“That’s because nobody else will and I feel sorry for you. Anyway I have to pass by sickbay, my neck is acting up again.”
“Alright buddy”, he clapped his human friend on the back who winced in pain, “but keep an open mind alright. The captain’s really older than you, you know.”

Still rubbing his sore backside Robert walked into sickbay only to find that it was deserted apart from a young nurse and a man in a command uniform.
“And don’t touch any of the catalysts, Syaxani likes to file those herself”, he said to the nurse before he turned to face the newcomer, “As you were lieutenant commander … Evans, right? How can I help you?”
“I just came here to talk to the nurse, sir”, he said confidently. “My neck’s been acting up lately … always happens when we’re in spacedock. I don’t like sitting still.”
“Well, she’s busy. The chief medical officer and half the staff I requested from the Galileo were reassigned at the last minute and sickbay has been a mess ever since”, the captain shook his head at his own words, “thank goodness Sya was still available. Let me look at that neck of yours.”
“I beg your pardon, sir?”
“Come now, I used to be a doctor you know”, he said with joviality and a hint of pride.

Feeling slightly awkward, Robert walked over to one of the biobeds and sat down while the captain inquired to his symptoms.
“Pardon my saying so, sir”, he said while his superior officer was running a scanner along his spine, “But are you sure you know what you’re doing?”
“Well, I’m pretty sure. Don’t move.” In a swift motion he pressed his fingers in the area where his neck met his shoulders and pressed or twisted, resulting in an audible gasp from poor Mr. Evans. “That should do it.” He grabbed a hypo and injected it quickly. As the lieutenant commander felt his pain ebbing he continued. “My previous host, Tazi, was one hell of a physician. How are you feeling?”

Robert rubbed the back of his neck which felt as good as new. "So that’s what Char meant, the captain’s a joined Trill."
“That was impressive … sir.”
“Nonsense, if you feel it acting up again, you should talk to Syaxani about it. That is, if she ever gets here.”
Still bewildered Robert walked over towards the door when he saw a large bronze-ish plate lying near the door.
“Sir, Is that what I think it is?”
The captain walked over and picked up the ship's new name plaque.
“Indeed, Mr. Evans. I was on my way to the bridge with this when the good nurse stopped me”, he held up the inscription for him to see, “’Galloping Moose’ sounded ridiculous don’t you agree?”
All the two men could do was smile.


“This is captain Jijan Tyr of the USS Caroline, we are on peaceful mission in the Antari nebula to test …”
At that moment an explosion rocked the ship and interrupted the transmission.
“Shut it down Miss Idran, fire phasers at the nearest ship and Mr. Evans … take the helm please.”

Robert hurried towards the helm and relieved the ensign sitting there, who looked very relieved not to have to pull any battle maneuvers. Rob had hurried to the bridge at the captain's request. At the time it had been a yellow alert but now they were in a full blown battle. He could hear science officer Idran, the ‘confused Trill’, address the captain when he sat down.
“It was a valiant attempt Jijan.”
Robert had just enough time to shake his head at the comment, "Why did SHE have to be on duty right now and didn’t she know she should address him as ‘captain’? After that he was fully focused on the fight at hand.

He counted four, no five Klingon Birds of Prey in one of their more ‘cooperative’ attack patterns. They were cloaking and decloaking in seemingly chaotic maneuvers making it difficult to get a target lock on them. He could hear the tactical officer, commander Th’Zarath, pound her console like she was an angry Klingon herself.
“Captain, I’m having great difficulty keeping a target lock on them, they’re cloaking too fast.” Another explosion shook the ship. “If they keep hitting us like this we won’t have much of a ship left.”

“Miss Masterson, how far are we from the Antari nebula?”
A calm, almost cold voice replied and Robert realized it was ‘the Borg’ speaking. For some reason he never realized she’d have a name.
“We could be there in under a minute captain.”
“Lay in a course. Tyr to Tass”, he touched his combadge, “Chief, you overrated manifold scrubber, are those engine modifications ready to be brought online?”
In a split-second the gruff voice of the Tellarite engineer sounded over the commotion of explosions and alert bells.
“Yeah they’re ready, or at least ‘spacedock’ says they’re ready. They’ve never been tested. What the hell are you doing to my ship you worm-carrying masochist?”
Jijan chuckled, “Nothing like a good field test, ey? Get them online and try not to blow out every conduit on *MY* ship you overgrown leprechaun.”
“Hah, you do me to much honour”, the voice croaked through the comm system. “Don’t worry captain, I’ll keep her together.”

Robert, who until now was too busy dodging Klingon attacks, hadn’t heard half of the conversation between the captain and his chief engineer, but he got the important bits. They were going it try and avoid the Klingons inside the nebula.
“Captain, I’m reading severe plasma discharges and pockets of various ionizing gasses, recommend we drop to at least one-quarter impulse?”
In just a second the captain stood behind his seat looking intently at Robert's console,
“Negative Mr. Evans, three-quarter impulse.”
“But sir, we’ll blow out our engines!”
“Not if those new engine modifications hold up. Take us in.”