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# 68 First impressions (Part two)
05-24-2011, 03:33 PM
The Caroline swerved and dived right into the large blue expanse, a host of Klingons dangerously close behind them. Kept at bay only by a hail of pin-point accurate phaser fire unleashed by the Andorian officer. She was saving the ship by not allowing the Klingons, cloaked or otherwise, to get a clear shot. From the little he could see on his console he was very impressed.

“Sir”, The cold voice said from somewhere at the back, “I’m reading build-ups in the intake manifolds, I’m trying to compensate but it seems the engine modifications aren’t working as intended.”
Just as the captain hit his fist on Robert’s seat they heard their science officer speak.
“Jijan, I think I may have a solution. If Mr. Evans can ‘glide’ between the different layers of plasma, follwing the natural currents while avoiding the discharges then according to my calculations it should alleviate the stress on the manifolds.”
The captain turned and looked intently at Robert, for a moment he didn’t speak, then he asked: “Think you can surf in a plasma storm?”

The Caroline dived in between a large blue cloud of plasma, it was almost as if there was a storm all around her as she expertly dodged lightning bolts arcing between the top and bottom layer. One of the Klingon ships wasn’t so lucky and got hit while cloaked. Since shields don't work when the cloak is up the hull absorbed the full force of the impact. The bird of prey spiralled out of control and disappeared beneath the bottom layer in a fiery ball of orange from the burning warp plasma.

“That’s one down”, Commander Th’zarath shouted with glee.
“We should still do something about those other four”, the Borg said, “shields have dropped to 20 percent”.
“I would have done *something*, by now”, the Andorian commander replied angrily, “if those damned Klingons didn’t keep cloaking.”
“There are several tachyon eddies off our starboard bow”, Captain Tyr responded, “Miss Idran, can you use the photonic emitters on our hull to create a shockwave to disperse them and overwhelm their cloaking devices?”
The ship was rocked by another explosion, a console blew up and burned one of the officers on deck. Tyr hurried over to check on his wound.
“Get him to Sickbay, immediately",he said to Miss Masterson.
The former Borg drone gently scooped up her wounded crewmate and hurried him to the turbolift.
“Miss Idran, can or can you not configure a photonic shockwave? … EZREA!”
The Trill science officer’s hands stopped and she snapped her head up looking straight at him. She had been typing frantically during the entire conversation and had seemed oblivious to the captain’s orders.
“I’m done, wave configured.”

“Then by all means Mr. Evans, take us in.”

Robert steered the Caroline straight at the eddies. It was only after the battle that he realized what an impressive display of ability Ezrea had shown, even though she appeared to have defied the captain. Not only had she configured the shockwave with alarming speed, but she had been feeding him real-time predictions of where the plasma discharges would hit so he could stay clear of them.
“We’re in position captain.”

The four remaining birds of prey dived at their target. The chase had gone on for far too long and their engines couldn’t take much more. Now was the time for the kill! None of their ships had been too badly damaged, but the Starfleet vessel’s shields were dangerously low and a piece of their EPS grid had blown out, leaving a gash along the hull. It looked like a bleeding animal, waiting to be slaughtered. Right as the Klingon commander wanted to give the order to all ships to fire weapons simultaneously a large bubble appeared around their prey, expanding exponentially and pushing all plasma and ionizing gasses their way.

“Sir, all Klingons ships have decloaked”, Th’zarath exclaimed, “and even better sir, their engines have overloaded. They’re adrift! ”
There was a general cheer on the bridge which was at last interrupted by the captain’s voice.
“Are they in any danger?”
”Unfortunately not, sir” (several crewmen laughed) ”Their current trajectory will bring them out of the nebula in no time.”
The captain rubbed his hands together, “Then it is time we do the same. Mr. Evans … take us out of this place. I see no further reason to test the experimental drive.” He then added in a lower voice so only Robert could hear him, “and well done Mr. Evans, I knew that when I saw your record I couldn’t let such natural piloting skills be promoted away. You truly are a natural.”

Robert wanted to speak up, waylay his claim, fight his decision, but he knew the captain was right. The thrill he experienced when he alone piloted the Caroline and its crew into certain harm or safety was a responsibility he wouldn’t entrust to anyone. He looked over the captain’s shoulder and saw the bridge crew, HIS bridge crew, bustling and looking after each other. He could certainly entrust his life to them. In the end, there was really only one thing he could say:

“Aye, aye captain”.