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05-24-2011, 06:09 PM
Grand Admiralís Log:

Star date: 8675309
Status: Supplemental

Our war games with Pegasus Fleet appeared to go very well until we received information that they had been infiltrated by the Undine and had no intention of using simulated combat measures, with this information known to us we quickly acted by reactivating our standard weapon systems so that we could properly defend ourselves.
I am truly saddened by the loss of Starfleet personnel in this matter, but we did recover several escape pods. The personnel that we recovered from the escape pods number in the hundreds all of which are being treated and scanned by are Sciences personnel to make sure we do not return any Undine infiltrators.
I am glad to report that we have several Undine infiltrators in our custody and with our Reman allies we have been able to extract information from them telepathically that will help us combat both the Borg and the Undine expeditions in the Gamma Orionis sector.
The 2nd Fleet shipyards will be made available to Pegasus Fleet so that they can restore, build, or repair their ships in an expedited manner.
I hope to again be able to combat the Pegasus Fleet in war games, but in the future have those games be free of deception from other factions.