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05-24-2011, 11:32 PM
I was going to comment that Star Trek Online is rated "T for Teen", but then I actually looked at the rating specification, in that it specifically allows "Suggestive Themes".. so the rating wouldn't specifically be in the way.

However, Star Trek always kind of tippytoed around the issue of what 23rd/24th century human "Religion" looked like. I think in part that's due to the general impression I've always had, that Gene Roddenberry's vision of an evolved humanity, didn't include the kind of overt religion as we know it today.

Originally Posted by Captain James T. Kirk (TOS: Balance of Terror)

Since the days of the first wooden vessels, all ship masters have had one happy privilege: that of uniting two people in the bonds of matrimony. And so, we are gathered here today with you, Angela Martine, and you, Robert Tomlinson, in the sight of your fellows in accordance with our laws and our many beliefs, that you may pledge your -

[the ceremony is interrupted by a siren]
"our many beliefs" suggests that religions still exist, but their precise nature and names are "best left unsaid and unshown". It seems that in the 23rd/24th century, humanity has learned that it's best not to bring Religion and Politics to the workplace, and religion seems to have evolved to be more of a private thing. Only Martine (and possibly Rand) seems to pray in that scene, everyone else seems to be "kindly accepting" her quaint adherence to custom. The altar seems to be kind of.. well okay it's extremely vague as to what religion it might refer to, though there does seem to be a vague "Christmas tree" motif (though that might have something to do with the fact that the episode aired on December 15, 1966)

That said, I don't think CBS will be "too keen" on giving players the suggestion that they could "get married"... because that inevitably leads to the issue of consummating that marriage. But at the same time, I think it might be cool to give us some kind of weddingish/contillionish gazebo construct, maybe someplace on Risa.

Of course that almost entirely guarantees that we'll never see Betazed (or Ferenginar for that matter)

As for wedding clothes, Martine and Tomlinson got married in their standard duty uniforms (though Martine had some kind of feathers on her head), and while Keiko got married in a Kimono, O'brien wore his "Dress" uniform. Likewise,m when Riker and Troi got married, Troi wore a pink dress, and Riker wore a standard Dress Uniform.

(it's interesting that the TOS crew didn't wear dress uniforms for the wedding in Balance of Terror, this is of course easily explained by the fact that they hadn't actually been created by the time that episode was made)