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05-25-2011, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by RKRider
According to Pergine...... not well.... not well at all (I must be part of the 'whiskey' writters :p)

All is good though.... I'm having fun!!
Originally Posted by Alien_de_jour
Just published my first Foundry mission. Sounds like he's the guy I need to review it. Been looking for someone who'd be tough but specific. I'm ok with sucking s long as I know why. LOL

Although Peregrine Falcon writes excellent reviews, he is still one man with his specific taste. Don't put too much weight into his reviews. While I often agree with him, I played a few missions he gave 4 or 5 stars that I rated with 2 or 3 stars - and the other way around. Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually playing the same mission.