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# 19 Soriedem Takes Command
05-25-2011, 01:51 AM
Captains Log Stardate 87685.09

I think Ive set some kind of record. This morning I was a Starfleet Ensign on my first mission after graduating from the Academy. Tonight, I am the Captain of the USS. Montgomery.

I have to admit that its wonderful being in command of my own vessel again. Those two and a half years on Earth in the Academy were some of the most difficult for me. Earth is beautiful. It reminds me of Tobarrus, which made it all the more difficult to be there. Everywhere I turned, I expected to see my family, friends, and Audria (my wife) come round the corner. I was happy to finally graduate from the Academy and feel space beneath my boots.

In my old life, before the destruction of Tobarrus, I served my people for a decade as a starship captain. I relished those occasions when I would come home. The sight of its blue oceans and green continents would send my heart racing. Then, the coast line of my home land would appear over the horizon. A wave of nervous anticipation would rush over me and I would start pacing back and forth to the helm and back again. A small spec on my view screen would grow larger and larger as we drew closer and closer to my home town. The scent of my favorite meal prepared by my wife; her perfume; and the earthy scent after it rains I was home.

All of that changed after the Borg destroyed Tobarrus. Those years of scratching out a meager existence in the middle of Borg occupied space with no home world to seek refuge, has changed me. The influx of refugees from the home world to our colonies strained their resources. When the fighting began over kamas rice, the colony had no choice but to turn people away. We formed a convoy and set out into the unknown universe seeking the necessities of life. Survival was arduous, but we survived and found a new home that welcomed us with open arms, thousands of light years away ...

But, I digress.

Today, the Borg attacked Vega Colony. I was ordered to board the USS Khitomer and assist with the defense of the ship. Onboard, the command staff was dead or unconscious, and pockets of survivors were struggling to hold key areas of the ship from wave after wave of Borg drones. I lent them a hand and phaser.

Borg. They took everything from me. I hate to admit it, but at the time, I got a great deal of satisfaction from killing those drones. I regret those actions now.

Every Tobarri is taught at an early age that the Borg are people consumed with a terrible virus, a heinous technological mistake. All of our technology revolved around curing them from the disease, but Starfleet refers to the same process as liberating. Its an apt description. The individuals are suppressed, but they still are someones mother, their father, sister, brother, son or daughter Any one of those drones could have been Audria.

Audria She would have been proud of me today. I am in command again, with a good ship and a sturdy crew. I know she is. My tO symbiont tells me shes out there, somewhere. Someday, I will find her and liberate her from the Borg.

TO are truly amazing creatures. My schoolmates at the Academy referred to my tO as a starfish, and I do see the similarities. All tO originate from the First TO and are produced by cleaving an arm from an adult node. It is only after severing an arm, can a tO bond with a Barri (an avian humanoid). This is often done at an early age in the Tobarri culture. With time, the Barri and the tO become a single being, a Tobarri. The First tO and all of its nodes gain experience in individuality through the bonding, and the Barri gain a great sense of interconnectedness with one another by using the tOs natural ability to communicate on a quantum level.

Thats how I know that a part of her is proud of me and wants me to find her. With this ship, the search will begin in earnest. She will need to do her part.

Ive done it again. Where was I? Oh yes, I remember now.

Starfleet had more ships than Officers to operate them. Chief Sherman granted me a field promotion to Captain onboard the USS Montgomery, and assigned an ensign to my command, an Andorian named Sherrin. We transported aboard the Montgomery. The ship was virtually deserted except for a few crewmen, all of them newly promoted cadets. When I stepped off the turbolift onto the bridge and announced that I was taking command of the ship, time stopped.

The crew stared at me like a mad man had just come aboard their ship. We did not know each other. Circumstance had thrown us together, and now we had to deal with it. It wasnt what I had expected. I dont think any of us had expected any of this.

I called for a status report and broke them from their trance. The crew came alive and resumed their regular duties as if that uncomfortable moment had never occurred. The crew may have been raw cadets, but they performed their duties like seasoned veterans. I commend them for their hard work.

I approached the center seat and placed my hand gingerly on the head rest. I stepped around it and sat down. It fit like a glove. The ship may have been ready for the scrap heap, but it was my ship and nothing was going to stop me now. I ordered the ship to come about. We helped rescue crewmen from the Kelvin, Oakland, Bohr, and Montreal, and defended the Vega Colony from the Borg invasion.

Its been quite a day. I sit here totally exhausted, dreading the long walk back to my quarters to put all this behind me. Yet, I cannot contain the excitement that fills me, knowing that tomorrow new adventures lie before me as Captain of a Federation Starship.