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# 4 Planet Nmae Stamp?? Please?
05-25-2011, 04:01 AM
I am presently planning to resume the Research for Count Quantities on the Anomalies in the Klingon Sectors, right now, changing the Focus to Planets. Most planets I have been on so far have shown that 4 to 6 Anomalies are present, when a Scan is done. When I do find one, that one found is taken off of my Count List, it shows from 6 to 5, or 4 to 3.

I have done several Grid Pattern Searches of some planets, and have not seen any sign of more than TWO anomalies on any of them.

Since the Klingon Planet Names are SSSOOO LLOONNGG!!!, (And, they are spelled out in Klingon, Not my First Language), it would be a wonderful thing to have the Bug Ticket that gets submitted in game "Stamped with the Name of the Planet", that the ticket was submitted from, rather than having to sit and Type Out the entire name of each planet that has this problem.

(Crosses Fingers, Toes, and Legs in hopes of getting a YES to this Request.)