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05-25-2011, 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by Hi_ball View Post
BoP burst is the current "I win" button. When timed correctly it can take down any ship in the game in 5 seconds.

Don't worry, if it hasn't happened to you yet it will real soon. More and more BoP's are doing it every day.
My defiant has far more burst than my Bop, it also has a cloak. PSW is not what it used to be since they nerfed the way its deployed.

If you are getting smacked in 5 seconds by a bop thats 3 seconds longer than i'd need in my defiant.

Instead of looking at the guy who spiked you and blaming him for it, look to the rest of your team for not throwing hazards, aux2sif, tss or anything else on you.