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05-25-2011, 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by Iamid
The purpose of balancing 5v5 vs 1v1 is some powers scale better as the number of enemies go up and most fights are 5v5 or greater. Tach Beam, VM, and Tractor Beam, BO, CRF don't scale very well. Sure 5 ships who ff on 1 ship will give that 1 ship problems regardless, but there are 4 other ships out there which may have powers whose impact scale well. Those 4 other ships could be using abilities like w/FaW, SS, and CSV which scale better w/enemy numbers.

Yet, from those cannons have greatly reduced damage as you get out of 5km range, limited firing arc, and they tend to miss more often. So, there are a variety of ways to evade/escape CSV if you're aware and quick (never seen anyone complain this is OP). If your team stays spread out SS spam becomes less likely to effect all ships and allies can then chain sci teams (for some this is too OP). Team FaW on the other hand creates a 10km radius sphere of massive dps which can't be avoided in arena maps and has few counters compared to tactics/skills it counters (the imbalance imo).
FaW does have a range that you can get out of, it's spike is really small allowing time to do just that, and has some really affective counters. Sorry, I see that as OP as SV which really I dont regard either as OP. Sci, the same, they are supposed to be harrassers with some DPS if they chose that build. I actualy like the healing in STO as it can sometimes be a hard thing to take some down. Never really liked development where the 1-shot kill was the norm.

I've played games where balance was/is an issue. SWG, currently and has been that way for almost 3 years now, has a profession that is not even designed for PVP gameplay and stated so via the Lead Dev. His statement was;

"LS = pve (tank)
DS = pvp (dps)" LS meaning LS jedi and DS meaning dark side jedi. So, effectively, LS jedi are gated, via design, from even playing 1/2 of the end game content (PVP).

That is a balance problem. To be honest, I just haven't seen that level of im-balance over here. Cryptic seems to have done a lot better job of balance than a bunch of other game developers have. (being they only really have 3 profs, I would expect that also)

There will always be something that players think is OP and UP in any game. However, Cryptic has access to their database to tell them, really, if player beliefs are right or wrong. Sorry, so far I haven't seen sci or FaW beamboats as OP and I play an Eng in an escort also. I just seem to hit an engine batt and EM a bit more in the escort than the crusier. (got that deal macroed on my G-105 borad for both of them) But the trade off is, I have a boat-load more spike DPS in that def-R than I could ever have in the excel w/beams. Each has their place however.