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yes - Another thread for this..why? because the logic so far against it doesnt fit.
Please do not post duplicate threads. It's spam and does not help the forums or your cause.

Originally Posted by Admiral Dr. Leonard McCoy
let me assist. For those who post but wont read -- Point of the topic = T5 refit for endgame. We dont care about T2
This matter has been addressed in our last Ask Cryptic.
Q: dorko1 I know that the refit is still a touchy subject, but could you guys shed any light on what might happen? I understand that there should be obvious misgivings about the idea of the Constitution class outmatching a vessel 200 yrs new and twice its size, but a replica that's really more of an Excalibur class vessel might be able to add something to the mix.

A: You are correct that it is a touchy subject amongst the community and based on the discussions we've had with CBS about ships, I don't think we're going to put a high-end Constitution Class refit into the game. You can still have a lower tier TOS Connie use the Squad Leader feature to bring their stats up to a higher level, but the odds of an end game Connie refit is a long shot.
Since we did give an answer on this, I will close this thread as it is a duplicate.