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There is nothing wrong with having marriage in the game. Aside from the countless sets of married couples that we've seen in all of the series we've had the chance to see alot of couples getting married. Martine and Tomlinson, Chief Miles Edward O'Brian and Keiko, Captain Riker and Diana Troi, Worf and Jadzia. There's even been a couple of close calls like Lwaxana and that minister guy... Everyone married, even Quark got married!

As for the matter of wedding dresses..... if they ever add wedding outfits then I want some traditional Betazed wedding outfits too!
I like the idea of adding the ability of some characters being allowed to tie the knot, so long as everyone knows that events that occur in the game have now bearing or legal basis in the real world outside the game (or any legal obligations in the game either!). Character interactions and plot threads like this help to enrich the role playing experience.

What kind of ceremonies would be performed? The Western White Wedding and Betazoid are classics (from a Trek fan's point of view), but what about East Asian Ceremonies? How about Andorian or Vulcan ones too? Will there be a Saber Arch Avalable for military weddings(with the spouse being tapped on the rump)?

I would recommend, however, that Wedding dresses be restricted to female characers. Another question that comes to mind is what kind of dresses? Most people automatically think of Western White Wedding dresses, but there are other types as well. There is the elaborate Kimono, and the colorful Hanbok marrage dresses from East Asia. Would those be included as well? My thoughts on Betaziod "attire" is that a certain amount of decorum be observed, and at all Betaziod ceramonies, the participants should at a minumum wear skin colored bikinis or speedos.