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05-25-2011, 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by PodSix
I was going to comment that Star Trek Online is rated "T for Teen", but then I actually looked at the rating specification, in that it specifically allows "Suggestive Themes".. so the rating wouldn't specifically be in the way.

Personally i don't think i've seen a whole lot in the way of suggestive themes. i'm surprised it hasn't come up more seeing how much sex came up in the shows and movies. Even in TOS up to Enterprise there is ALWAYS a mention of it happening. I'm not talking about trills "doin' it till the worm falls out" but with things like marraige i'm surprised it hasn't happened for things like missions or cut scenes where one is interupted. But yeah, there are a LOT of people that would have married characters in game if they had the options for it. How many Trek themed weddings are ther IRL each year, you know?

Would i do it? Hellz no, but still i know a lot of people out there would.