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05-26-2011, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
Personally i don't think i've seen a whole lot in the way of suggestive themes. i'm surprised it hasn't come up more seeing how much sex came up in the shows and movies. Even in TOS up to Enterprise there is ALWAYS a mention of it happening. I'm not talking about trills "doin' it till the worm falls out" but with things like marraige i'm surprised it hasn't happened for things like missions or cut scenes where one is interupted. But yeah, there are a LOT of people that would have married characters in game if they had the options for it. How many Trek themed weddings are ther IRL each year, you know?

Would i do it? Hellz no, but still i know a lot of people out there would.
I think we haven't seen it in missions because the game has no tool to take the gender of your character into account.. and there is no function to state sexual orientation.

So if a mission featured a character who you'd "encounter romantically on Risa, fade to black"... well if that character were, female let's say.. then every female captain who played that mission would be being portrayed as homosexual. Likewise if the character were a hunky oiled up male, then all the male captains would be facing an implied homosexual encounter.

Since the game currently has no way to "make the character female if the player's captain is male", and there's no mechanism at all to officially state whether your character likes same or opposite sex partners (or doesn't care)... I honestly don't think Cryptic is going to put any kind of content out there that approaches this kind of territory.

Again it's also super-important to remember that when it comes to content, it's not just Cryptic calling the shots. and it may be Cyrptic's and/or CBS's intent that STO remain "squeaky clean" on the suggestiveness front.. they probably only accepted the T for Teen rating so they could squeeze ground combat into the game.

Star Trek's network handlers have never been comfortable with depicting and kind of "anything but straight" sexual attraction, fearing that doing so would alienate key demographic groups, and thus jeopardize ratings and potentially trigger sponsor/affiliate activism. (Sponsors pulling out, stations refusing to air episodes our outright dropping the show, etc)

There is of course, a puritanical subset among Star Trek fans, and as slash-fic (Kirk and Spock love story) fan represents one extreme, this group represents the other extreme, rejecting any sexualizing of the characters, even in canon. There were fans who hated 7-of-9 for her big boobs and slinky outfit. There were fans who rejected Enterprise because of it's fascination with steamy massage scenes in decon. There were letters written in protest when Jadzia kissed the other trill woman, and when Crusher's trill boyfriend turned into a girl.. and there were letters written when Riker fell in love with that person from the genderless species.

As gratifying as it may be to think that Star Trek Fans, as a whole, are a more enlightened, openminded bunch, like the people in the futuristic world they love .. it's really important to remember that the Star Trek fans are still a product of their own times and cultures as well.

Getting back to the original point, however, in STO's current state, it's unlikely we'll see much more suggestive content (heterosexual or otherwise). And honestly, there's not a lot of incentive for them to develop the tech to handle character sexual orientation for STO. (Though that tech might be developed for Champions.. in which case it could filter back to STO for foundry authors to use someday)..

But until that tech exists (player character is male, listed as heterosexual, character in story becomes female) there's really not much incentive for the STO team to toy with this type of content, since it's only likely to upset people when it "goes wrong".