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05-26-2011, 10:18 AM
Basically it went like that:
A guy was standing next to a big crate. 1 guy was visible called Jack, the other 3 was hidden in the crate with names like "Jack: Ask about dark rock" or "Jack: Ask about metal debris". They all had different default dialogs.
So when you walked up to the guy you had these options:
- Talk to Jack
- Talk to Jack: Ask about metal debris
- Talk to Jack: Ask about dark rock

Or at the end you had to pick the correct material it went like:
- Talk to Ship: Beam down nikkel-vanadium rod
- Talk to Ship: Beam down tritanium-iron rod
- Talk to Ship: Beam down kelbonit-tungsten rod
I had 4 NPCs hidden in the machine called "Ship: Beam down nikkel-vanadium rod"...

You also had 2-3 different styles to talk to an NPCs. Diplomatic, Strong man, Con-man. Like
Talk to Engive: Please tell me more about the situation.
Talk to Engive: You are wasting my time!
Talk to Engive: I see your problem soo well, I come here to serve you!

As I said, it was pseudo, because you could go through all of them after one an other. I was unable to spawn out the NPC. Also there was no way to chain them together and build a dialog tree.