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05-27-2011, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by Rock_Monster View Post
It's much simpler and sensible to just do away with weapon power drain.

An energy weapon's "rest" period should represent it's power recharge time. Warp cores should have plenty of juice to allow all of the ship's weapons to fire at 100% output. Do you think that the Defiant's forward cannons fired at different intensity from each other? NO! That would be shoddy engineering to equip a ship with a power source that couldn't fire weapons at 100% designed output. :p

Engine power doesn't drain when you move, shield power doesn't drop when they're on or when you take a hit (yes health does of course), and aux doesn't budge when you fire off umpteen sci powers. So weapon power should get equal treatment! Stand up for Weapon Power rights today! :p

Healing is OP! We need Moar Pew Pew!
I'm personally on board with this. ASAIK, it makes almost no logical sense that the system would not be designed to maintain consistent power levels in use, you know, like most 21st century electrical system. My lights don't dim when I turn on my TV.
Of course I can kind of understand why it is like that, to reign us in a little, but by the same token, they could just reduce damage slightly and keep power consistent. I could still be comfortable with specific skills like BO introducing their own separate power drain, but not for just firing unbuffed weapons.