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05-27-2011, 08:26 AM
45 minutes of spam, jam sensors and healing upon healing, 3x is not fun. It is s chore and realize I'm only talking about end game. PVP up until about level 40 is fine, reminds me of old school Earth and Beyond. At higher levels it becomes a battle of whose team is just going to give up first or how many people go AFK. When over half the matches you go in at 51 have people AFK, something is wrong. People don't go AFK hardly ever until end game, because it is fun short matches up until then.

There is no skill in the spam and the healing, there never was. All of the skill for PVP is at the lower levels when you have maybe 2-3 chances to kill someone before they kill you not 20-30 as you poop out dozens of NPC spam. It is just boring.