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05-27-2011, 08:38 AM
I don't care about the emblems, gear is meh, I enjoy a mix of PVP and grouping for STP that is about it, however, the end game pvp is just way too involved for what it is. If we were talking about an open instance territory control or what not where there was always a PVP battle going on I could see going in there and playing for 45 minutes. If there was a tiered system, maybe I would play in the arena, but, when I have to stare at the same maps and do the same things for 51 levels with no tangible benefit besides the gameplay, the gameplay becomes more and more of a chore and less and less of a game. What I am getting at is that the gameplay does not scale well, at lower levels there is a real sense of danger and excitement. I'm just not seeing that at higher levels through the umpteen spam ships, mines, and what not. Instead of concentrating on another player I'm dealing with more and more PVE crap in my PVP. I don't like it. I have 10x more fun in a level 15 BOP or cruiser.