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05-27-2011, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by Rarian_Rakista
Not a major PVE person, I play this game for the PVP, the end game PVP bores me even though I win most of the time, it is that time investment that is simply not worth it to me.
The question is - what are you - or me or any other PvPer - investing in for in the first place?

It aren't Emblems. Boring PvE missions coudl give us more in less time with less effort (the latter might be the reason for the boredom, though).

I say a lot of people play because they like the competitive interaction. And does it really matter whether you do a single match for 45 minutes or 3 matches + 3 Queue waits for 45 minutes?

Well, you said one reason. Your hand started to hurt... Hmm. Do you think that's all?