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05-27-2011, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Rarian_Rakista
From now on after 30 minutes I am going to go AFK or leave. Anything more than that is just ridiculous.
So you don't like the good, nearly evenly matched PvP matches? I guess you must only like it when you have a huge advantage over the enemy.

PvPing for points? Nobody who actually likes PvP cares about the rewards you get at the end of a match.

As far as hand pain, you seriously need to change the way you are playing if it is giving you hand pain after 45 minutes. I've been in 2 hour matches (55 kill private challenges), with zero hand pain or discomfort, and anyone who has heard me on vent while fighting can tell you that it sounds like I'm playing a drum set on my keyboard, so it's not like you can't hit a lot of buttons quickly, and even spam keys, without harming your hands.