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05-27-2011, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
I My lights don't dim when I turn on my TV.
My lights dim alot, when power surges occurs and a peak drain occurs The fact that a circuit breaker stops the excess drain from causing damage is exactly the same scenario we see in STOs power system.

Simultaneous infinite power usage just doesnt make any sense no matter how u spin it.

Any ability or skill that utilize a power system should drain. I wouldnt be offended if it took some small energy to fire a torpedo (it does ie: if weapons nergy is 0 u can not fire).

Extending shields, transfering shields, emitting hazards, aux to damp, aux to sif, charged particle bust, grav well, tykens rift, tractor repulsors, tractor beam should all drain some power from that system during their activation/duration.