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05-27-2011, 02:31 PM
[[Written from the perspective of my main char Will]]

I took command of the USS Winters with a great sense of honour. She'd be captained by the very intelligent, selfless and dedicated late Captain Ernest Hemmingway, himself no youngster.

Most of the crew I inherited in taking over the Winters were largely the crew that served Hemmingway, though all the senior staff and a fair few crewmen left to either new assignments or to take some time off. This was a good oppertunity not only for me but also for my senior staff to adjust to a new ship, with a dillligent and loyal crew. Of course there will be friction, for no-one will be able to replace Hemmingway, but my staff saw to it that the crew were in no way pressurised during these difficult times for them.

Many of those who transferred from the Ravenstein to the Winters, mainly my senior staff, had not served aboard a science vessel before, let alone one such as advanced as a Intrepid. Don't get me wrong, my Excelsior, the USS Ravenstein, will be missed by many, but a crew must experience new challenges and changes to keep itself ahead of the game, always willing to try and improve or modify what we currently have.

And a fresh start is what many a person needs to advance themselves. I myself am a tactition, normally captaining an cruiser, so a science ship is a new and strange field to me. And it was so nice to be welcomed by the crew of the Winters much like the cadets that come aboard. Indeed, I was reliant on many of the Winters' crew for assistance is balancing my duties in running the ship. Promotion of a few bright sparks to the rank of Ensign proved I was willing to recognise enginuity.

And I am hopeful that now, as I look towards the future, I may call upon this crew, that has assembled itself into order so admirably, to fulfil it's duties and demands, not of Starfleet or the Federation, but of themselves, for it is satisfaction of your own work that is the reward.