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05-27-2011, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by trekdork View Post
I understand Floridaguy, I have also bought 5 copies of the game to get all the preorder bonuses, etc along with a lifer subscription. I am a Star Trek collector in RL and I have approximately 500 items. This game and the c-store is an extension of my collecting and I like to have everything that the game has to offer, even if it is just shuttle pet. I certainly hope someone at Cryptic pays attention to this matter. I have been a fan of Trek for over 30 years(I'm 36) and have been collecting for 25 years. Not once since launch have I been unhappy with Cryptic or STO, until now. Just a week or so from that 500 day vet status, very disappointing.
Same way I collect everything in this game and fully support Cryptic this just bothers me Im being deprived of something for having supported them sooner than someone else did.