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05-27-2011, 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by HappyHappyJoyJoy View Post
You know, considering all of the people who keep getting "slapped in the face" with each and every single sale, offer or bonus that Cryptic puts out I'm absolutely flabbergasted that they continue to do these things. I mean, they have been abusing us by benefiting people who aren't us since Beta (remember that whole Fileplanet fiasco...? Travesty that!).

I mean, obviously we must all hate these sales, and the abuse they cause, considering the fact that each and every one is met by complaints (the same complaints too, and the same claims of slaps to the face) so isn't past time that Cryptic stopped with these shenanigans?

You know what we need from now on? Anti-sale weekends! Ones where every item in the C-Store costs an extra 50% or more! That way we call all be incredibly happy that we didn't have to pay that extra amount when we bought our stuff and rejoice at how great such the offer is and how much better it makes us feel about ourselves, our purchases and Cryptic as a whole!

And everything will then be sunshine and roses!

Make it so Cryptic... make it so!

You can check, I have never made one post about the cstore until today, so please don't include me in your banter, please read all of my comments so you have a complete understanding. Also, I rarely get in on the sales because I usually get the items on the launch day, and I never complain if it goes on sale afterwards, that is the nature of business. As I said before, I am just wondering how to be able to get it when one has already bought all ships and if it was even considered that there would be people who have already purchased everything and be unable to make a qualiflying purchase to get the pet.