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05-28-2011, 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg View Post
I must admit, the "remastery" (ie: how it should have been in the first place) of the Doomsday Device was very cool...It would be awesome to see the Klingons have some of these cool "Fed-Only" missions...who knows, it might even intice some of the dedicated Klingons who left the game early on to come back...

I heartily agree with you. When I came back earlier this month, I came back to foundry missions, featured episodes, crafting; and even though PvE isn't my preferred playstyle and the content wasn't kdf exclusive, I felt blessed nonetheless. With the promise of changes to ground combat a few months away, I really thought things were looking up for the kdf.

Idk what CS's intents where with remastering the mission the way they did, wether they thought it would increase interest in the kdf or not.. Whether they thought about the kdf at all when developing it. But i don't believe giving one faction exclusive content that allows them access to costume and ship options as well as rewards that most believe should have been kdf exclusive items, is a wise course of action. I think it has alienated a lot of kdf-as-main players.

I for one feel alienated. This move I really don't get. I think that when retired kdf players visit these forums interested in possibly coming back, and see this and the backlash it's causing, they might walk away feeling thatCS is still catering to the whims of the UFP while at the same time sacrificing what mAkes the kdf unique and gives it it's "draw". (remember FvF? it's still around. remember KvK? it's kinda...not)

It's clear to see from the past 6 months that adding UFP exclusive items,more pve, and content such as this will not bolster kdf interest or playerbase ( if that was CS's intentions). As i said,I did return to more content,but less kdf players. This is disheartening.

You're not going to see an increase in the kdf population by bringing more Feds to the kdf,especially when your releasing content like this, I have said many times the only way to achieve this goal is to win back retired kdf players,and until more attention is given to pvp and kdf exclusives (like costume and ship custom
Ization and options, missions like the remastered one ) it's simply, sadly, not going to happen.