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05-28-2011, 08:30 AM
May I suggset some reworking of your post layout, BigRedJedi?

I think it could help readability if you change the formatting of some powers using list tags. Quoting the post should show how to do it. The advanced post editor allows you select a larger text and click the list button to automatically itemize the contents (creating a new item after each linebreak.


Sensor Scan [SScan, or SSc]
  • Availability: Lieutenant 8
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Recharge: 90 seconds
  • Subsystem Power Level: Effectiveness is based on ship's current Auxiliary Power setting.
  • Skills Affecting: Starship Operations, Starship Sensors, Starship Sensor Array
  • Arc-Limits: Self/Ally or Enemy; 3k AoE, centered on target.
  • Counter: Science Team clears the De-Buff
  • Mechanics:
    SScan provides two, very useful effects. It can be centered on your own ship, on an ally's ship, or on an enemy ship, in a 3k burst (from the target ship). It provides a significant boost to StealthSight for you and your allies (which helps to detect cloaked vessels) and provides a large-to-massive damage resistance debuff (hull damage only) against enemies in the burst. The power is roughly 50% skill-dependent and 50% Auxiliary power-dependent, so a combination of both high skillpoint investment (Ops, Sensors, Sensor Array) and high Aux will yield the greatest results. (Single, most-powerful damage resistance debuff in-game.)

The mechanics part might work better outside the list, not sure yet.