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05-28-2011, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
EPS Power Transfer [EPS-PT, or, affectionately "Coffee"]: is often a good idea to have a power preset set aside for times that your ship is under its effects, to optimize power distribution.
Thanks Red. I'm having a big "Duh!" moment here, but I never actually thought to do this, and it's a fantastic idea... I remember thinking when pressing EPS-PT that I was wasting some of that energy that goes over the caps, but now I'll assign a keybind to change my Preset at the same time it triggers the Power. Thanks!

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May I suggset some reworking of your post layout, BigRedJedi?...
Being ever so humble, I agree with the Archchancellor. Adding a List layout to your posts would make them easier to read.