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05-28-2011, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by mancom
The new hargh'peng torpedo looks flashy. The good initial damage is balanced by its long cooldown and the fact that it doesn't work with High Yield. The radiation DoT is harmless and can be cleared by Hazard Emitter. But the final radiation damage is quite substantial (~5K minus resist directly to hull). And here is the ingenius part:

Clearing the radiation DoT does not prevent the final detonation.

Shoot a player with lots of hargh'pengs, wait 15 seonds and watch him die. I suppose if the ground revamp is only half as balanced as this new item, we will all have great fun once season 4 hits.

Since I have the utmost confidence in Cryptic's ability and determination to preserve (or if necessary restore) the balance of the game, I am sure we can expect either a confirmation that this is indeed intended behaviour or a fix by the end of next week.
I really think you are only crying because we killed your FAWbulous cruiser today with a new all HARD PEN ship, and this happened even with Era healing you
I also think that the new torpedo it's quite balanced, keep up the good work Cryptic.