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05-28-2011, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by mikiy
Its a known fact that they don't seem to care to much for pvp, otherwise they'd form focus groups of experienced hardcore pvp'ers to give feedback to new items before adding em.

Most of the time when they added something to ground it was horrible for pvp... like the proton-gun, the perfect one shot weapon in pvp, before the nerf.. or the ice nades, with their previously stacking hold perfect to hold someone forever. I don't even think its an oversight anymore, its rather that whoever designs that stuff has either totally no clue about pvp at all or doesn't care for the issues it will cause until some large enough amount of people cries about it.

Also we just need to look how often we get new pvp maps.. or how long otha is bugged now (VA toons go into the RA instance while klings have a separate LG instance with better rewards but no pvp due to the bug) or how much emblem rewards there are for pve objectives compared to pvp ones.. its obvious enough how much they [not] care for pvp.
Yeah thats really pathetic especially considering there is almost no pve content ever in this game and if they intend to skip over pvp, and not even test items before they go live and let people with no idea what they are doing design and implement items what is really left here??

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