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05-28-2011, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by mikiy
Its a known fact that they don't seem to care to much for pvp, otherwise they'd form focus groups of experienced hardcore pvp'ers to give feedback to new items before adding em.

Also we just need to look how often we get new pvp maps.. or how long otha is bugged now (VA toons go into the RA instance while klings have a separate LG instance with better rewards but no pvp due to the bug) or how much emblem rewards there are for pve objectives compared to pvp ones.. its obvious enough how much they [not] care for pvp.
CHC officially claimed Otha for the KDF August 5, 2010. It's not a bug, the map is working as intended.

I agree, it's really lame how all the op or really cool ground pvp items come from pve missions-Ophidian Staff, Cryo Grenades, etc. They follow suit for space.

The same way they're letting Feds get a slice of what should be KDF Exclusive pie (getting to play a mission in a BoP, playing a mission in our pimp coats, giving them our torpedos), they're letting gear that has abilities more suited to a single class be available to all classes.

Another example is ground weapons that have a chance for Holds; holds are an ability assosciated with the Science class and are seen as an annoyance to most but when that ability is available to all classes (by being an ability gifted by a weapon or other equipment) we see overuse as well as balance issues that stem from pairing it with Tac-exclusive Class abilities.

Besides the Gear (and i still think there should be a clearer seperation of PVE gear from PVP gear, and how one obtains each) and maps, (and i still say LET US PVP ON PLAYER SHIP BRIDGES), my next biggest issue with pvp is the lack of incentive CS gives players to pvp. The emblems system is so stacked against pvp dailies, they're practically forcing pvp'ers to pve for a geargrind.