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05-29-2011, 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
and the soon to come Romulan Factions can be brought up to par with the Federation.
This should be the scariest scariest most terrifying aspect of this discussion.

I know a lot of players are tired of the Klingon Content Debate. I get that.

But setting that aside. And looking at the current work done by the design team. (Some of it is freakin amazing). And then looking at the decisions being made to implement such work.

This should make anyone interested in playing ANY other faction (Romulan, Cardassian, Ferengi, Typhon Pact, Mirror Universe Terrans, Dominion, Maquis, the Undine, or any other crazy faction idea I've seen posted on the forums in my time here) ... it should make you terrified of what would get done to that faction.

Let's take the Romulans. And apply it to the current I guess guidelines? Or protocols? For what they do with the KDF:

1- The KDF it has been stated doesn't have enough population to merit a lot of design time. Well, there's more people in the world who dress up like Klingons and speak this made up klingon language, than there are Romulan fans. So it's just a guess, but I bet the Romulan playerbase is smaller than the KDF playerbase. That means ... either the same level of being ignored. Or even LESS.

2- The KDF it has been stated is going to basically be given more content through faction neutral. That means the bulk of the Romulan content will be replaying stuff already in the game. The Klingons have 8 unique missions. The Romulans? I'd be shocked if they got up to 8 as well.

3- PVP. The current state of PVP is depressing. I really won't go into it much. But adding a third faction to PVP seems cool at first glance. But would only serve to underscore the problems the entire PVP system has right now.

4- Romulan ships! The federation has ships upon ships upon ships. They've got ship designs coming out of their ears. The KDF has a handful. The Romulans? Have even less!

5- Diplomacy. It's long been guessed, suggested, and somewhat assumed that the Romulan faction would get its own version of Fed diplomacy, but be espionage oriented. Alas, the work they've done on giving the KDF it's own version of non-combat advancement leads me to believe that the Romulans would launch without espionage. And not really get much work done towards that goal.

6- The races. It'd be smart of them to kind of wedge the Typhon Pact into the Romulan empire. But, as it stands there's three races for the Romulans, with maybe a couple of more available. That's Romulan. Reman. Alien. With maybe Iconians and Hirogen added in due to the stories taking place in the game itself.

I don't know. I really think anyone looking forward to a Romulan faction (or as stated above ANY other faction) needs to be very very very scared by the current state of the KDF and the way things have gone.

You might hate klingons, but if you want to play ANY other faction, you should seriously take a look at how this second faction has evolved. It's scary stuff.