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05-29-2011, 12:06 PM
Went up against a fleet that was kitted with:
  1. FAWkers (Could they make it any less obvious, when most of them are firing 8 beams?);
  2. Ablative Science ships that have the window of opportunity to support/ heal without taking damage + sensor analysis, and now;
  3. The wild west Hargh’peng Torpedoes boats.

We were an experienced team, and the match was over before it even started. The first time I died I thought that perhaps a tac had luckily slipped in HY III while my shields were down, but sadly no - It was simply that I had some 24 beams on my back with HP torps on the way. Thank you Cryptic. It eases my conscience just turning my ship around, and returning to the excitement of Klingon Sector Space.