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# 2 Mission Review
05-29-2011, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by BlindSaviour
This is my first mission, it's up for a few weeks now but it still has only 17 hits and most players are happy with it. I would appreciate if anyone would play it and leave a constructive comment on what can be improved also I will return the favor by visiting your missions

Federation, lvl 41+

The mission starts as a routine repair mission but as you enter the system where it's located things start to get more and more weird...

I really enjoyed making the mission and I hope some of you will also enjoy playing it, thanks for your time

Greetings BlindSaviour,

I will give your mission a Run. feel free to try my newest as well. the title of the mission listed below in my banner. Also, may I recommend you visit and register with . It is a great site for user generated content, and you can get feedback, learn tips, and more. It is really a great site. Another site I am a member of is the Quantum Cafe ( It is a good place to meet more friends who share your passion as well as the PriorityOne podcast they have. Both of these sites are great for exposure and meeting new friends in the STO community. I highly recommend them. Good Luck. I will send any feedback from your mission via PM, but I will rate it in-game for you as well.