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05-30-2011, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by Tonyjohnminter View Post
Watch out people the old Sci spamming seems to be back with the old you have no power for anything spams.
You can kill them because of their heals with a normal team. These matches where you fly in and cant do any thing, breen power drain x5, power syphon x5, tykans rift x2, sub noc x3, sensor scan x? then target anything with no power and you just go pop!
A all sci team is the worst thing ive ever had to play in pvp, I dont mind loosing but come on the match is just sci spam tastic, cyrptic please do somthing about the spam, whats the point in playing when you cant do anything but pop a bat and run every time?
With all do respect I disagree. It sounds to me like the opposition simply outmaneuvered, outsmarted and worked better together. You just need to rearrange your strategy. There's a way to beat those tactics with the right components.