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05-30-2011, 08:00 AM
Great post, really shows how badly the KDF have been treated and shows perfectly that the dev team constantly fails to live up to the promises that they want the KDF to improve, the devs consistantly talk a good game when it comes to the KDF but when its time to deliver we either get broken and buggy content or content that gets delayed for months and then still gets released in a broken and buggy state.

It really is no surprise to me that more of the player base don't want to play KDF, why would they when its treated in such a shabby way? The only way that the player base for the KDF will improve is for cryptic to improve the game expierience for KDF players but as has been shown time after time they have no real ambition to do that....if they really want the population to grow they need to make it attractive to the fed playerbase and that means more unique KDF missions and more customization options for both characters and ships. They seem to think that the weekly series missions are the way to go to help with KDF leveling but those will not get people to play the KDF, fed players have more than likely already played those missions several times and the prospect of having to play them many more times or to have to grind the explore missions will not get poeple over to the KDF.

If Cryptic truely want the KDF faction to grow and improve they really need to take a good long look at how they can do this and change tactics because if they continue as they have for the last 16 months or so its only a matter of time before the faction will be truely dead and that will not be good for the game or for any future factions they want to add.