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05-30-2011, 08:21 AM
I truly agree with everything that everyone has said. I'll be honest that I have fewer KDF toons than Fed toons and that they're all Commander grade or lower. However, there are a lot of things and differences that I like playing the KDF side for in balance with the Fed side. I'll admit that it's a shame that people who really love the KDF side have hardly gotten half of what they wanted or deserved. In defense of the devs though, they do work very hard and have a great passion for the game. It looks like there are a lot of great things on the table for the KDF coming up, but it also seems that those who mainly play the KDF side will have to have more patience than those who mainly play the Fed side. Is this fair? Absolutely not.

In fact, as someone who mainly plays Fed, but thoroughly enjoys the KDF, I'd actually be really happy and fully support to see Dstahl and the crew take a full season update and devote it completely to the KDF. That would be a season update with absolutely ZERO Fed content. I wouldn't mind and I'd be happy for the KDF players that really have a passion for their content. As it is, the Fed side already has more than enough content to keep everyone who plays it busy for quite a while.