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05-30-2011, 08:45 AM
Any macroing app could do that and more. There are quite a few out there, I even made one myself. It can put up buttons and other stuff onto the screen which can simulate keyboard/mouse inputs.
If you check my videos on youtube to see what I mean.

Now the problem is that the powers can't be called by name. At least I was unable to make Power_Exec to initiate a FAW2. The Power_Slot command didn't do anything either. Without that, you need to relay on stone age stuff like screenshots.
Hm it just occured to me that it would be quite easy to write a helper app. It would map out your entire tray setup from 0-9. Then command STO to move the powers about (because that command works) to match the setup you specified earlier in a file or something. That sorting would not take more than 30 secs or so.
With this, you would not need to rely on the hit and miss ship tray auto save feature.
Making the app would take just a weekend, but to what end? This feature is not in STO because Cryptic doesn't want it to be there.