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05-30-2011, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by Dan_H
In fact, as someone who mainly plays Fed, but thoroughly enjoys the KDF, I'd actually be really happy and fully support to see Dstahl and the crew take a full season update and devote it completely to the KDF. That would be a season update with absolutely ZERO Fed content. I wouldn't mind and I'd be happy for the KDF players that really have a passion for their content. As it is, the Fed side already has more than enough content to keep everyone who plays it busy for quite a while.
Every single time something like that gets suggested, there's a small clique of federation zealots on the forums that band together and shoot that idea down in flames. Because, Oh-Em-Gee, nothing can get in the way of the dev team from releasing the latest uniform update (Section 31) or ship (Oberth). Putting any monkeywrenches in those plans and making them wait for maybe half the time people waited for KDF shoulderpads or a revamped Gorn, would obviously kill the game.

I think the changes to the D'Kyr that PFalcon points out pretty much highlight exactly what is wrong with the development of the Klingon faction.