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05-30-2011, 11:23 AM
The Real issue with sci spam has nothing at all to do with Gravity Wells or Tyknes or CPB or Tachyons... or even sensor scans (stacking on these is silly though)

The main issue in my view is Sci Fleet.... How the HELL did this skill miss the Shield resist nerf bat anyway ?

Honestly Fully spec the 3 already useful traits for Sci Fleet and get a 50+% shield dmg reduction for 30 seconds... Now get your self a team with 3-5 sci players and everyone one Roll one. It is complete and total nonsense. Think about it is a higher resist then TSS and EPTS combined... and it effects you and all 4 of your team mates.
Sci fleet should be around 20% resist tops fully speced. it is with out a doubt the most OP skill in this game including FAW and Panger torps.