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05-30-2011, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
The drain would be effected by being skilled in and would act like weapons when the power is done it recharges the aux. The only time your aux would be really low is if you triggered 8 skills in a matter of seconds.
When weapons fire, the power regens fully before the cycle ends. The only impact it has is when you fire multiple weapons at the same time.

Problem is, BO powers do not work like that. You want to fire off 8 powers? You will take no less than 7 seconds to do that because of the activation times. Weapon activation time is far shorter than that, and so weapon drain has a real impact.

You want to drain 10 power when someone uses an aux power? So what? It will be back to full power before they can activate the next one. And then what is the point of this drain if they fire off all 7-8 of their aux based BO powers and put them on cooldown for the next 30s? No drain, no aux powers to use.

Not only is the idea completely pointless, it continues to ignore the vast difference between weapons and BO powers.

Aux based powers already have the onus of being slaved to aux power to work in the first place. If you want maximum effectiveness from your science heals, you have to run 125 aux, which means your other power settings are weak, like weapons, or you are using an unsustainable short term boost of some sort.

But if you are not using your aux powers, or if they are on cooldown, sitting at 125 aux is a complete waste in an actual fight. The tediousness and micromanagement of constantly switching between aux and weapon power is one reason I minimize aux based BO powers on my science ship. I have enough things to worry about in a fight, constantly switching between aux and weapons is not another one I need.

Look, if you folks want aux powers to suffer a drain like weapons, then they need to actually work like weapons. That means if I want to tractor someone, I just do it, and it stays on them as long as I want it to, but I suffer an aux drain. If I also want to run hazard emitters and transfer shield strength, I can do that too, constantly, with an aux drain. If I want a gravity well at a location, I can let it sit there the entire battle, with an aux drain.

Until you're prepared to do that, then there is no legitimate analogy here.