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.................................................. .............Differing Views.

...“Dismissed.” he said.

...The Admiral sank back into his chair and picked up a PADD containing the latest reports from the front lines. Tanar, while no longer required to perform the role of starship captain, did so gladly.

...This was a perilous time for the Federation, with enemies both present and hidden lurking in the darkness of space, waiting to strike. Too many ships and not enough experienced captains meant that instead of being stuck behind some desk, bored out of his mind on a remote outpost, he was able to take command of his old ship; the U.S.S. Relentless.

...Starfleet command had tried to mothball her once before, after the initial trials on the Multi Vector Assault Mode proved to be more trouble than it was worth. Yet with the help of his crew they had managed to perfect the method and iron out the technical problems. She was now the model for all future MVAM capable ships.

...As he continued to gaze into another report filled doom and gloom, he felt two eyes burning into him. Tilting his head up slightly he saw the pale blue hands of his first officer, Susan Jenne, an Andorian/Human female, who had been raised on Earth while her Andorian father had been stationed there along with her human mother; a civilian in the textiles industry.

...Like most Andorians she has a temper that could melt the ice plains of her homeland. Being on Earth, and having fifty percent of the humans genetics had not seemed to have tempered her.

...“Something to add commander?” he said firmly, knowing full well he was about to get both barrels.

...“With all due respect sir, are you out of your mind?”

...“We could call the CMO down here to run a full neurological scan if you wish.”

...“I’m serious! Going back into Undine space is suicide. They have infiltrated every government on the quadrant, incited several wars and have vowed to purge our galaxy of all life.

...“Yes commander, those facts had not slipped my mind.”

...“And know you want to take this ship, back into their realm to talk to them.”

...“Susan,” he began stroking his slick black hair. “We have an opportunity to end this once and for all. You said yourself the Undine mean to destroy us. Fighting them may be inevitable but we have no guarantee of success. Even with Borg nanoprobes, the Undine outmatches us in every regards.

...Susan adjusted her collar slightly; she hated the heat of the Admirals office. Being a Cardassian, one of only a handful in the fleet, meant that he enjoyed the ambient temperature a little higher than what most preferred. Even with human DNA, her Andorian physiology did not enjoy the heat, and it only made her aggressive streak more predominant.

...“They have shown no sign that they want to talk to us. They are paranoid and xenophobic to the extreme. We wont be much good to the Federation if we are dead, and going in alone-”

...“Sending an entire fleet.” he said. Interrupting her “would be a recipe for disaster. I’m afraid we have to walk through the front door on this one and take our chances, besides many people would have said Andorians and Cardassians were both paranoid and xenophobic and look at us now.”

...“You mean having an argument?” she said dryly.

...A small smile broke out across his lips, and made a run for the rest of his face before he could realise it. He regained his composure. “Yes, well perhaps not the greatest point I ever made, but at least we are not trying to kill each other.”

...“No we just save them for the big arguments.” she said, trying to hide the smile on her face too.

...“I appreciate your point of views commander but the decision has been made. We attempt it, one ship won’t win us a war, but it might prevent a full scale invasion. That is a risk I’m prepared to take.

...“Then send a probe first. We can add our message to it.”

...“Would you trust a peace offering from a probe?” He could see another counter argument forming. “If we do this we have to do it in person. Admiral Janeway once managed to get a dialogue going. Okay, it has broken down but they are not against the idea of talking to us. I owe it to everybody to try.”

...“But we,” she began, then sighed loudly. “I’m not going to win this one am I, sir?”

...“Not likely commander.” he said, his voice unwavering. She could see it in his eyes, the confidence, the presence. When Tanar spoke only a fool did not listen. She only hoped the Undine were not fools.

...“Very well. I’ll have the duty roster on your desk by zero-eight hundred tomorrow.”

...“Excellent, dismissed.” he said for the second time while nodding and then returned to his PADD. Jenne slipped quickly out of the room as the ready room doors hissed open then a few seconds later closed on the Admiral.

...He slipped back into his chair, and interlocked his fingers. The Andorian was like all the rest, only interested in war and conquest. They all look to contaminate our realm. Soon enough she would learn the truth. With the real Admiral Tanar under guard within his biodome prison, where no one would find him, he would soon lead his ship and crew into the waiting arms of his fellow Undine. All of the secrets of the Federation would soon be his, as the day of judgment of the inferior bipedal life drew nearer. Soon enough, the weak will perish.