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05-31-2011, 08:50 AM
As a Fed player, I have not tried KDF toon yet.
I would be very much interested in it, for the change of pace, however, the lack of content is turning me off.

That said, at this time I would vote NO - no Klingon content (flame shields up).

1.) [Objective]: Klingon player base around 12%, making the investment in KDF will bring very less for the game revenue. That in my eyes equals to less content in the future.
2.) [Objective]: Given the current awful state of KDF faction, it would take 1 year of no other than KDF content to reach comparable levels with FED faction. Again, this would mean loosing players = less revenue = even less content in the future
3.) [Subjective]: I prefer FED story development, and still want to remain FED player primarily. Doing the same grind for 1 year without new content...that's not what I pay for.

I think the way the devs have chosen - content available to both factions - is the right way for the moment. Given there are few more feature episode series, hopefully there will be enough story material to lessen the grind torture of KDF players.

Bugfixing + new KDF fluff, thats of course a different story and my NO is not covering this aspect.