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05-31-2011, 09:34 AM
Interestingly enough, the Heavy Cruiser is the exact same size as the Advanced Escort. They are also similar in that both have four engines. Yet, same size ship, similar layout, the Cruiser handles like a Cruiser (not too bad, but still slow) while the Escort is an Escort.

Personally, I feel that's the difference between a T3 Cruiser and a T5 Escort. The Prometheus is designed to be fast and manueverable, with a wedge-shaped design, while the Cheyenne has more of a "hefty" feel. The Prometheus probably has additional manuevering thrusters and is made of lighter materials.

Plus, the whole point of the Multi-Vector Assault Mode is that it DOES get smaller, it breaks down from one large Escort into three smaller, more manueverable Escorts.

The interesting thing is that the Heavy Escort, the Akira, is even LARGER. It is the largest of the Escorts. However, it is nowhere near the size of an Exploration Cruiser or Star Cruiser, and doesn't even compare to the Deep Space or Reconnasaince Science Vessel.

Being "big" does not make a ship a Cruiser, any more than being "small" makes a ship an Escort. That's true in general, but you can't just compare one ship to another and say, "this should be a cruiser".