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05-31-2011, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by havam
Your Problem right there, the only people playing sto as intended are Tac/Escort pilots. Try a eng/sci ship combo and see how much you kill stuff and finish objectives with those aux based powers. STO, has too much focus on burst damage as it is, by removing resists and heals, while leaving weapons as is will only make things worse.

This, actually it would hurt sci ships most. I'd say.

Use your torpedoes if you are bothered by energy drain on weapons, or mines. But try to do anything in STO without your Energy Weapons, and full AUX power awesomness.... Good luck
There's heavy emphasis on burst damage because healing and cross healing is so strong in this game it is almost the only way to kill competent opponents. The other option is to have a high concentration of science officers on a team.

Yes this impacts Sci ships the most as many of thier powers rely on aux power... so what? Isn't that that kinda the point?

And reference your last point, a sci heavy team can completely dominate in PvP and it has nothing to do with energy weapons... just ask FS.