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05-31-2011, 01:25 PM
You know honestly seeing as the renown is a lotro thing... honestly people LIVE in that games PvmP. Building renown by offing higher renown players is how you move up the ladder. Reaching the higher levels takes lots of kills.... Really why limit PvP to 3 emblems a day. Give everyone one for every three rounds, and don't cap it to once a day... and then make a renown style leader board so people can earn more emblems and more renown. The higher they get the more they get targeted, the lower the are the less they likely get targeted. Lotro adds a secondary title icon to their game avatars... you can quickly look at a player an notice there an esquire rank for instance and not worth much in the way of renown...

When some one sees Matteos little ship is a 8 star Captain of war... he gets focused. lol