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05-31-2011, 12:47 PM
There are not enough people queueing up lately to make this a viable option in my opinion.

Or, If the queues were made so that only pre-teamed groups face pre-teamed groups, those would rarely pop, whilst the pug queue would pop less often also.

If the matchmaking system were structured in such a way that 5 man fleet Vs 5 man fleet matches only popped for each other, that would drive away most premades due to lack of pops.

If you went to your PvP queue, and saw hundreds or thousands of people waiting for matches, then I would completely agree with this thread, but until that happens, I'd like to continue to play PvP matches please, premades have just as much right to enjoy their subscription monies worth also.

Contrary to popular belief, (and I'm sure QEW, LORE etc would agree with me), most premades are not perfectly balanced ships/captains/skill bases, they are five friends who teamed up to have fun, pug bashing is not much fun for either party, but until there are hundreds of people in the queues, for me, the point is moot.